Accounting Services

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Real estate is a capital investment whose management requires not just property-related expertise but above all also financial expertise. According to the size and activities of a company, we optimise liquidity planning and advise you on accounting and tax matters. As an external service provider, we incorporate our internal control system (ICS) in your risk management structures.

Offering you support in accounting and tax matters

Our services include:

Financial accounting

  • Organising and carrying out the financial accounting
  • Drawing up interim and annual accounts according to various accounting standards (OR, Swiss GAAP FER)
  • Budget accounting plans and financial forecasts, comparisons of performance indicators, cost accounting
  • Liquidity planning
  • Mortgage management
  • VAT accounts
  • Accounting of accounts payable/receivable
  • Carrying out payment transactions
  • Accounting for social benefit and personnel insurance schemes


  • Drawing up tax returns for legal and natural persons
  • Verifying tax invoices and tax assessments
  • Drawing up objections
  • Completion of financial statements

Registered office services

  • Registered office services and acting as representative (on-the-spot administrative support for companies)