Portfolio management


A property portfolio demands a well-defined strategy that is tailored to the interests of the owners. Both the strategy and the means to realise it have to be measurable. We analyse property portfolios, and together with the owners we devise the overarching goals, derive areas of action from these, determine measures to be taken appropriate to the portfolio, and monitor their implementation.

Identifying and realising potential

We devise an overarching portfolio strategy in line with the interests of the owners or investors, taking into consideration general circumstances, such as the interest rate and market environments. This strategy is in line with company-specific and legal requirements and also with the assets available. The following areas are of importance here:

  • Devising and formulating the portfolio strategy
  • Advice regarding investments and divestments
  • Ensuring an optimum financing structure that is owner-specific
  • Establishing and guiding risk management
  • Ensuring and documenting compliance according to regulatory provisions and the requirements of the owners
  • Advice with regard to questions surrounding the politics of rental prices
  • Ensuring liquidity inflows and outflows