Asset Management

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As asset managers, we see our sphere of activity extending over the following areas:

  • Devising and implementing property strategies
  • Value-oriented inventory management
  • Guiding all active participants
  • Carrying out investments and divestments
  • Coordinating the due diligence process
  • Drawing up investment and divestment applications
  • Reporting to the owners in a manner appropriate to the portfolio

Optimising value-influencing factors

Asset management focuses on ensuring sustainable profitability while paying due regard to the economic, ecological and social factors within the context of the external environment. We identify risks and potential and optimise the value of real estate through active value management.

On the basis of the individual properties, we implement measures and property strategies derived from the overarching portfolio strategy and that are in line with securing and maintaining the investment guidelines. We guide the active participants, coordinate the process flows and place them under appropriate controlling mechanisms.